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As Seen on TV (social commentary)

by Jef Knight

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Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test © 2017 Jef Knight I'm not here to educate you Mock, diminish or berate you but in your life there is mileu From which you build your worldview Ignorance, sewn-together with a thousand errant views, Are yours to to act as glue In your intelectual stew A tasteless broth of TV news Seasoned with some googled clues Cobled together like clown shoes from the stories you've consumed the tv-an,-the-internet do their best to-sell-us-an electic koolaid acid test of will it's us V them in the market-place of consumer mayhem but the tv will not save you and the internet enslaves you to the clickbait that enrages for the mouse clicks it engages so here's a word to just remind you that the map that they have sold you is not the world outside your window just a map how you're lied to by the one's who seek to own you and will silently control you as you beg to lock the shackles of your fate on your own wrist...but wait, here comes the twist... You can save yourself the trouble just by exiting the bubble of the battle for your mind if you can just see through the lies... I'm not here to educate you or dispassionately berate you just a gentle shake to wake you you are not your the things you own you are not the things displayed and shown you are not the pictures of your food or the vintage wine that you consume as you bask in tv's glow you're not the hero of your favorite show you are not your watch, your boat, your car, you are not the trips you take affar for all the shopping trips you've made and all the precious things displayed will end up all as worthless junk delivered to the local dump so I shed a tear, each time I pray that you have the strength to just resist the pull of life's perverse buffet of goods and things and shows you've missed that make you wonder if your life's your own or someone else's shot to call but the answer's waiting there inside you all you wanted through it all is love all you really want is love only love
1984 02:57
1984 by Jef Knight We're being victimized by telescopic eyes And satellite beams coming from the skies They invade our homes and the tap our phones And break our bones if we don't comply 1984 Someone is watching you 1984 Is almost here They have machines to duplicate your genes So they can clone every human being They control your very soul And leave your mind and empty hole. They know my every move.... We live to hate the police state The men with machines try to seal our fate And use their bate to incriminate We must beat them at their game before it gets to late 1984 is almost here
The Apocalypse Will Be Televised © 2019 Jef Knight You will be required to stay home, citizen. You will be required to shop online, tune in, and order out. You will be required to work 100 hours a week in your gig economy delivery job, just to afford your car You will be required to lose yourself on movies, tv, medical marijuana, and Zoloft Because brothers and sisters the apocalypse will be televised. The apocalypse will be brought to you by Big Money, Big Pharma and Big Brother In 22 episodes featuring 900 commercial interruptions. Cuz the apocalypse will be televised The apocalypse will show you pictures of your leaders blowing the bugle of war against unarmed civilians in foreign lands While Democrats and Republicans stage photo-ops at state dinners to raise money for their glorious re-election. The apocalypse will be brought to you by OAN and Fox, CNN and MSNBC And will star cartoon villians like Donald Trump, Mitch McConnel, Nancy Peloci and Spot, the Robotic Crime Dog. The apocalypse will not give your fake breasts sex appeal. The apocalypse will not cure your flacid girth. The apocalypse will not make you look fifty pounds thinner, but the apocalypse will be televised, citizen. There will be pictures of your average family pushing a shopping cart down the street filling the 24 hour news cycle, and immigrants and the homeless being stuffed into busses to be shipped off to FEMA camps. In the heat of our future's untimely demise The networks will be able predict the next war, disaster or pandemic within the hour based on reports from offical sources There will be video footage of the cops shooting down unarmed citizens in the instant replay. There will be pictures of political prisoners being held captive without due process. There will be video of our leaders ordering the illegal execution of those who dare to expose their crimes and unnamed sources declaring the constitution null and void for your own protection The manufactured lies of the media will become the official narrative that only unpatriotic conspiracy theorists would dare question, meanwhile millions of starving people will avoid dumster diving for a their next meal for fear of arrest The apocalypse will be televised. There will be highlights on Twitter and Facebook and memes of the starving, the shoeless and the homeless, While the President gives a glowing report of his success. The theme song underscoring our collapse will be written by your favorite pop singer, social media influencer or an aging rock star from the 70s. The apocalypse will be televised. The apocalypse will be right back after these messages About unhealthy fast food, unnecessary pills or poorly made consumer goods manufactured in totalitarian countries by impoverished children The apocalypse will deny the human rights to the masses The apocalypse will will eliminate poverty by eliminating the poor The apocalypse will not be a don't pay a cent event. Because ladies and gentlemen the apocalypse will be live streamed 24 hours a day to remind you of all the freedoms you have been blessed with Like having a scented air freshener in your plug socket, how much you can save on your car insurance, or fewer stains in your toilet bowl The apocalypse will not deliver your pizza in 30 minutes or less The apocalypse will not be a reality tv show where beautiful people hookup for money The apocalypse will not be a computer generated fantasy shot in front of a green screen, brothers and sisters; The apocalypse will be live.
The New America by J. Knight This used to be the land of the free The only place for my family and me. Do unto others and the golden rule, Momma's apple pie after school. Daddy taught us 'bout respect and how I gotta Love my enemies as myself So I'd have no need to run and hide 'Cuz the truth, and justice, are an my side. Then came a racist from a southern church Sayin' "If you ain't a white Republican you're gonna burn" Soon the enemies of freedom were repeatin' his lies. These Christians are the Nazis, the rest of us are good guys. Chorus The cross is the new swastika Jesus is dead in America. Now the president and his fellow foe, Like cartoon villains in a TV show, Destroy our country with their cross held high Mastermindin' terror and takin' our children's lives. They think it says, in the sermon on the mount, That Jesus wants them to increase the body count. If we disagree then we're goin' to Hell. Don't let your worries kill you; let the church help. Chorus Bridge Limbaugh, Malkin, Coulter, Goering, Goebbels and Riefenstahl, They say that Jesus hates us and wants to kill us all. Propaganda, racist hatred and lies, Momma always said the Devil would appear in disguise. The cross is the new swaztika, Jesus is dead in America.
No Refunds 01:00
No Refunds by Jef Knight You can't get no refund And you can't affort to make a seen It's only a nickle bag of weed But all you got was stock and seeds No refunds on drugs


Social and Political commentary poems brought to life by slammin' rock and funk music.


released June 9, 2020

Written, Performed & Produced
by Jef Knight




Jef Knight

This is the music of Canadian composer
........Jef Knight.........
From Classic Rock to
Brit Pop, Experimental Electronica, Jazz and more, this is some of the coolest music you'll ever hear.

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